Quick peek: Overcast skies. Hostel in the forest. Tropical Rain. Wedding Party!

When I was about to set up my hammock, the ladies at the restaurant first led me to a garage, which was perfect for me. But they decided I’d be more comfortable inside a room and let me sleep in a newly built office (with hooks for hammock, hmmm) which even had a Fan. More than perfect really. And they had a shower and toilets too. Awesomeness! I slept like a baby and was up at 4 AM. However, I had to laze around till 6 when the restaurant opened.

I had a bit of b’fast and hung about for a while in the morning and eventually got on the road. It had rained last night and the sky was still overcast when I started, matter of fact, it stayed overcast all through my ride. Awesome. The road was flat-As once again and I enjoyed my route around I crossed numerous rivers, and most of them were low or dry and I suppose the rainy season is right on time and would fill these with torrents.

Earlier in the morning, I spied for places to stay in La Ceiba and I was not really happy with the options, I figured I’d go into town and look for a Bomberos. However, I also spied an alternative. There were a few jungle lodges about 10 km from La Ceiba up a river. I figured with a short day at hand, it might be interesting to check them out and even better if they had camping options.

I rolled into La Ceiba around 11 AM and was surprised to find bike lanes. Otherwise the town looked pretty shoddy to be honest and I decided to ride out to my plan B.

I rode up the dirt road and after 1 km the road turned to be a muddy mess, but at the same time, the traffic died and some stunning views showed up. Dang, this was going to be a good find indeed. It was a work out in the humidity and I slowly made my way up to the first lodge. This was an expensive spot and I decided to push on. The Second stop was at the park entrance, and the guy said he’d let me camp for free and if I wanted to camp inside the National park, I’d have to pay 170L. The free camping sounded awesome, but there was no food to be had in the neighbourhood and I figured I might be better of at a proper hostel.

Finally I rocked up at Omega Tours Adventure Company (A strange name for a lodge, ah well) and They could let me camp there. The place was run by a German Couple and the lady Cynthia offered me one of the dorm rooms to sleep in at 10$ (50% off of their standard rates). It was still pricy for me, but the place I was in was stunning and with the rain threatening, I figured I could bite the bullet and spend some money for the next day or two. They even had a wedding arranged for the evening, that meant a bit of a party for the night, whoop whoop.

The Rain arrived an hour later and pissed down hard for an hour or so. Lucky I was not on the road nor was I messing around with camping and stuff. Ah well, things work out somehow I guess!

Route: La Masica to La Ceiba (Omega tours adventure company)
Distance: 50 km
Ascent: 291 m
Descent: 190 m
Expenses: SG$ 37.19
Comments: It’s going to be an expensive couple of days. But the place is really stunning!

Track Notes