Quick Peek: Relaxing, Cooking. Good times.

I was woken up at 4 Am with a heavy rattling over my head, turned out the skies decided to pour like a mad man on the tin roof above. The rain was on and off all morning and it was a lovely way to start a lazy day.

The location of Los Naranjos is just spectacular, there is a river flowing by, mountains at the background and generally a super peaceful and relaxed place. And Denisse and her family were absolutely awesome too. I spent a good part of the morning chatting with Claudia (mum) and Kevin (brother) and offered to cook up some dinner too. My thinking was on my usual routine of Aloo mutter and the newly added Jeera rice.

I headed out into the town of Pena Blanca and hung out at a restaurant for wifi and updating my blog and shopped for some groceries for dinner. It’s amazing to think that my meager lunch cost me 5$ and groceries for a dinner for 4 cost me 10 and I had brought extra to cook u pan additional meal or two.

I head back home and prepared the meal when Denisse got back from her work. I unfortunately made the Aloo mutter too hot (the jalapinos are so inconsistent, its haed to figure out what is a good amount to add) and though the family enjoyed it (and I thought the taste was good, just a bit too hot), we all had to eat just a little bit.

We chatted a while about cultural differences and similarities and after a while I decided to call it a night. Looks to me that I might be hanging out here for a couple of days more. The weekend is nigh and I am not in a hurry to go anyplace, heh.

Route: Los Naranjos.
Distance: 0 km (yay!)
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: SG$ 15.90
Comments: Los Naranjos feels like a place that needs to be explored!

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