Quick peek: Flat & hot, Mid-afternoon interlude, Evening climb, short day.
(Synopsis, sounded too academic so I decided to call it differently)

The Bomberos offered me a shelter yesterday and I realized I’d be sleeping between two parked fire engines. Well With my hammock, that was more than enough space for me and after a long chat with a bunch of the fellers, I went to sleep pretty late, but slept like a log.

Most of the fellers left their shift early in the morning and by 7 am when I was ready to leave, I couldn’t find anyone to take a picture with. Ah well. I rode into town and found a bakery and tried to eat b’fast. The food options here for me as a vegetarian are pretty rubbish. Today I couldn’t find a place that would cook eggs for me. I had to eat some sugary white bread with instant coffee. The other joints were selling fried chicken at 7 am! Dang the food choices are bad.

After the bit of b’fast I head on the pretty flat road and The lack of nutrition or may be the lousy bread that it was wasn’t giving me enough energy and I stopped for a bit of gatorade. More sugar. duh. I spotted a bypass to the main road to get to the town of Zacapa, which I hoped would be big enough for me to find some fruits or veggies. Krissi, you can be proud… I am actually searching for veggies and fruits 🙂

It was a hot day and I kept the ride slow enough and did not exert undue strain and gently made my way into Zacapa. I spotted a hotel and expecting wifi and restaurant, made a beeline for it. Turned out the Restaurant was closed after lunch, but they did have wifi, a soft couch and AC! Ah, awesome. The Kitchen came thro and made me a pineapple smoothie too. I felt good ingesting some fruit into the system. I hung about for an hour or more and eventually had to get moving.

My next leg was up and over a small hill to Chiquimula. It was warm but not scorching and I wound my way up the hill slowly until I got to the summit and had a coconut. The ride down was more fun, on sweeping and well graded roads. The traffic was a bit of a bitch though, seemingly half the container trucks out of Puerto Barrios were heading up this highway. Anyhow, I made my way into town by 4 pm or so. The next leg is up over a mountain and I wasn’t keen on heading up that one yet.

I headed to the Bomberos in town, it was right next to the bus station and super noisy, so I skipped it and looked around for a cheap place to stay. Some of the cheaper ones were absolutely skanky and I looped out a bit further to find a better spot. I found a place for 35Q, a bit beyond my budget, but I decided I needed a good night’s sleep, or may be two. Walked about town, it wasn’t pretty, but a passable place with some restaurants that might actually have veggies. They even had a couple of super markets, so might hit them up for some fruits too.

Route: Cabanas to Chiquimula
Distance: 61 km
Ascent: 648 m
Descent: 486 m
Expenses: SG$ 29.04
Comment: Chiquimula feels like a nothing town, but I prefer to take rest days in nothing towns anyway.

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