I tossed and turned at night and every couple of hours would wake up and decided not to start on the morrow and the next time would feel good enough to start. So it was a call to be made in the morning. I woke up on the good side and decided to head out. I met Arturo who was headed to Guat City to cover some rally and we bid farewell as we both started out around 9ish.

The first leg of the 3 day ride to Coban was relatively gentle, it was supposed to get worse, a lot worse in the days ahead. I planned to ride up to the town of Sacapulas and think about attempting the 10%, 10 km hill once there. All depended on how the day went.

I started on a hill off the bat and it lasted an hour and a half. I was feeling the legs doing a bit of work, but generally I was feeling alright and was easily climbing the 7-8% bits. I’d go for granny only when the grades would hit 11-12% which it did numerous times. These hills were supposed to be an average gradient of 4% and I was hitting 12% in spots. Made me wonder what I had in store for on the monster after Sacapulas.

Anyhow, after summiting the first hill, it was a nice 500m descent to the town of Aguacatan. This was a sizeable town and I stopped for some fruits, Wasn’t feeling like lunch yet and headed off. Ana had told me to look out for a spring which was the start of Rio San Juan, but I was a bit off key to go around searching for it and skipped that bit. bummer. Anyhow, the road out was a bit of a crazy hill and was 12% for nearly a km or so and I slogged my way up. The good thing was that the road was fantastic and not a hint of traffic on it either.

By the time I got over that hill, I was pretty parched and exhausted and stopped at a shop for gatorade. It would turn out that the lady also had a few loom’s and the family was weaving traditional costume. It was laborious work and the lady said it would take them 20 days to make one garment, ouch. I rested a bit, chatted with her and headed on my way.

I was on a high plateau at this section and it was generally flattish for the next 20 k’s or so. Some small bumps, but nothing serious. I could pause and look around the scenery here. It was beautiful with small mayan villages, which were spic and span, reminiscent of Chiapas. most of the hills were transformed for agriculture, but still there were bits of pine forest all along the way. I thought it would be great spots to camp, but kept going to get to Scapulas.

It was a huge descent into Sacapulas (and I was happy I wasn’t riding the other way, at least today) and I got into town at 3 pm. I had done just 60 km, but my body urged me to get some rest. So when I spotted a small hospadaje (a guest house), I decided to call it a day and rest up. It would have been a good idea to eat into the monster climb a bit today, but I figured a good sleeping spot close to toilets was a higher priority, heh.

Route: Huehuetenango to Sacapulas
Distance: 60 km
Ascent: 742 m
Descent: 1469 m
Expenses: $ 11.26
Comment: I do not like it when people honk to show their appreciation.

Track Notes