By the time I reached Huehue, I felt like I was at the end of my tether in terms of energy. I didn’t have enthusiasm to take pictures along the way either. Hmmm. Anyhow, at least I do not have any parasites and probably just need the rest to let the body get back in shape.

On the positive note though, I have met Arturo, a really nice guy who put me up in his house and though had been very busy in the past days, was always available for a chat while he was home. He gave me some good advice on things to do around town and also some heads up on the route ahead. The next few days of riding is expected to be epic.

Huehue was a pretty decent spot. A small town, very typical and not what I would consider very pretty. But its a functioning town and has some pretty mountains around, I suppose there are good mountain biking and hiking around the region.

I spent the days walking around town, finding cafe’s to eat at and generally sitting down and resting up. Not well deserved at this moment, but really needed I reckon. It is a strange situation, I feel good most of the times, but just have the feeling that the body is not ready for some super exertion. May be much of it is psychological and the best way to beat the blues is to head out and ride hard and sweat the toxins out. Ah well, may be tomorrow will be the day.

Route: Huehuetenango
Distance: 0 km (Bummer)
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: $ 36.12
Comment: I am itching to be moving, but sometimes it’s better to recover first.

Track Notes