After the refreshing rest day at las guacamayas, I decided to string along with the team as they have been fun to hang out with and also plan their tour over some nice bits of nature reserves. So I guess for the few days ahead, I’d ride with them till our plans change I reckon.

We looked thro the route out and it looked reasonably flat till we got close to the destination which had a big hill. If the last couple of days were any benchmark, we were in for a hot afternoon ride. So we had a bit of b’fast – eggs, yoghurt and coffee – and headed on our way at 8 am.

It was a good morning ride, rolling hills all along the way out and some gravel roads to boot. The sky was overcast and that made he morning ride pretty comfortable indeed. We reached the first small town after a gravel bit and there was not much to be had in terms of food. The gravel bits in the road were pretty decent to ride on, not too deep or rutted. May be the new tires I had grip better on them. Either way, it wasn’t as tedious as some days I had in Laos.

We rode on after getting on to the highway and rode to the only sizable town around. The place was big enough for a centro and a bunch of restaurants and we stopped for a bit of lunch. It was about noon and we spent an hour out of the sun eating and relaxing. I should say the choco banana shake I had was magical.

The second leg of the days was in scorching heat. The clouds went hiding and we had to ride under intense heat. I recorded 41C in the shade. I had to ride on the wrong side of the road most of the day just to get the shadow from the trees. It was pretty draining on my energy. The team had set a good pace, but after a few years of traveling, I know not to keep up to another persons pace and ride my own.

It was hard work and the water I was carrying was warm and nor good enough to soothe the thirst, I was seriously considering Jean-Francois’s technique of making a water cooler. Well let’s see. The original plan was to get to this town about 130 km away, but I guess we’d not make it for sure, we had about 90k in, when we spotted a small river with people swimming. We stopped and asked if they’d let us camp there. Turned out they were just hanging out and said it’d be alright if we camped.

It was a sweet spot indeed . A couple of Horses roaming around, a nice bit of cow shed to camp in, enough posts for hammocks and a nice river to take a swim and wash the grime off. What else does one need. Myself and Alex, did a beer run to the turnoff nearby. I had some veggies for coking and after a nice meal, knocked off to sleep.

Route: Las Guacamayas to Turnoff to Frontera Corazal
Distance: 92 km
Ascent: 739 m
Descent: 748 m
Expenses: $ 11.80
Comments: A hot day with rolling hills. Keeps the tour real.

Track Notes