This place I was at, has an interesting background. When I arrived here yesterday, the place looked pretty different from the surrounding forests I’ve seen. I was thinking this was a resort’y spot and was bracing myself for some of the packaged stuff coming along. Turned out, we had got a sweet camp spot right by the river and when I visited the Eco tourism resort in the morning, I was surprised by how organically it was constructed. I read about it and turns out that the pace as built up by the local community as an effort to gather funds to protect the endangered Guacamayas. I felt it was cool being in a place where the entire community is working on a useful project.

Anyhow, we heard of this b’fast buffet at the resort for 130 pesos and we figured we should hit it. We got in at 7:30 in the morning and we left at 11 am, when the buffet closed. Score! I paced myself and kept on the regular calorie uptake. We spent the time playing some games and eating food with doses of coffee. Yummy.

The village is in he periphery of two big natural reserves, guacamayas being the important protected species, but they also have a good dose of flora and fauna. We spotted howler monkeys, which sound like Jaguars and were frolicking on the banks of the river and some woodpeckers and butterflies. I suppose a keen naturalist would spot more species around.

We spent the day swimming in the river and riding up for a short hike around. The bit of forest was pretty and dense, but the hike was short. I guess the place is designed by the locals to keep the tourists interested, and they had done a good job. It’d be super awesome to do an expedition style hiking in these forests I reckon.

I spent the evening reading a book, doing more swimming and ended up with some lovely quesadillas around the corner. This place is really cute, Most of the houses run a small kitchen and one can get food there. The place has its fair share of tourists, but hey mostly seem local. I suppose, places like these are pretty sweet spots to hang.

Route: Las Guacamayas
Distance: 0 km (Yay!)
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: $ 31.40

Track Notes