The room we stayed at was pretty basic. But I got a shower and I wouldn’t complain. I slept pretty good. Usually seems to happen after a good days ride eh. Incidentally, I’ve been cooking the past couple of days for dinner. Just to keep up with my new riding mates. I guess it’s fun, communal and cheap. Just have to figure out options after I run out of my reserves.

I was up at 6 and we were all ready to head out pretty soon. Julia went around and brought a pot of coffee from a restaurant nearby. A quick b’fast and we were on the road at 8. We were still in the hills and that meant a bit of rolling all day long. The weather was warm, but we got lucky with some overcast skies. After a little bit of climbing, we looped close to the border of Guatemala and then climbed up a nice bit of hill.

The views were stunning all day long and we rode thro some really dense primary forests. I was pretty impressed with the vegetation around and at times I’d see small farms which were harmoniously laid out in the foothills. The hills were tall and steep, looked like prime contenders for some rock climbing. Often the jungle would dot over the vertical cliffs too. Pretty awesome sight indeed.

Alex, Julia and Margaret are a pretty chilled out group and I’ve been enjoying hanging out with them. We all seem to enjoy the nature and thoroughly loved the route today. There was a bit of am issue though, given the remoteness of the place we were in, there was no place to eat food. I hadn’t re supplied much and was looking for a place to eat around 11. The small village we came to didn’t have even a store. But we decided to make a picnic along the river anyway. I made some coffee and finished all the biscuits I had. Passes for lunch I presume.

The route out was flatter, but still with some rolling hills. At times it would become really flat and we could get some distance in. We stopped at the turnoff to las guacamayas and got some soda to cool down. By this time, the sun was scorching and the heat was intense. After a bit of break, we started in the last bit.

It started a bit flat but soon the rolling hills would show up and make going really tough. Some of the stretches were regularly at 10 % and an intense bit was at 16%, hard work on the road. Alex had a couple of mechanical issues and we stopped to fix them, was a good reason to rest up too.

Eventually we got to town around 4:30 and after scouting a bit decided to take up camping space along the river. It costed a bit, 50 pesos per person, but it’s cheaper than American state parks and they had showers and toilets too. Pretty sweet spot indeed.

The river was refreshing and inviting so I decided to take a dip and the water was a perfect temperature too. A bit of dinner and sleep ended this good day of biking.

Along the way, I heard howler monkeys, which sound like a jaguar roar. And I spotted a few birds too. Haven’t seen the Guacamayas yet, may be tomorrow.

Route: Maravilla Tenejapa to Las Guacamayas
Distance: 87 km
Ascent: 961 m
Descent: 1210 m
Expenses: $ 7.50

Track Notes