I decided to sleep in the hammock yesterday night as the room was a bit cramped for 4 of us. It worked out alright and I managed to test my rainfly after a long while. I suppose even though the fly is just a teeny bit small, it still managed to keep the rain away. I have had a couple of thoughts on making the setup a bit more convenient. But it works.

I was up at 6 and waited for the rest to be up and stirring. We all managed to get out on the road at 8ish and I even squeezed in a good b’fast in! The chilaquiles were really good. It also had been a while since I packed and started a ride in the rain. Hmmm, Let me think, last time it was in Oregon with Joe. It was wet riding and it started with a hill too, Awesome.

Whenever the fog would clear I’d spot some stunning view of the valley and the hills yonder and I would think how awesome the views would have been on a clear day. Alex and Julia had ridden this route before and swore on hoe pretty the sights were. I could believe them the valley was indeed pretty. The day was punctuated with some horrendously steep hills followed by equally scary downhills. Overall it was a downhill day, and I dread the feller who decides to ride the other way around. Slopes were regularly at 10%. dang.

We stopped at a small village to get some fruits and I for a Kilo of super sweet bananas for 8 pesos, followed by gorgeous Pineapples for 15. Dang it was good to eat some fresh fruits. Tropics are called paradise for a reason eh.

The hills continued thro the day and after skipping our original destination (due to steep hills leading down to it), we stopped at a bridge which has the same river flowing and even had a restaurant nearby. A bit of a swim in the refreshing cool water followed by a good lunch was probably the best way to spend a day.

We rode on, with a couple more hills and By this time the sun was high and getting pretty hot too. I rode up to a small town and waited for the rest to catch up. I was surprised there was a long delay and learnt that alex had some issues with his brakes. We decided to call it a day and try to get his bike fixed. We found a small “Hospidaje”, which is like a guesthouse and decided to stay in. It was a good idea as in the evening, it started to rain pretty hard. Overall, a really stunning day of ride, despite the weather switching gears.

Route: Tsizcao to Maravilla Tenejapa
Distance: 69 km
Ascent: 755 m
Descent: 1865 m
Expenses: $ 24.00

Track Notes