There is probably so much to do in San Cristobal as it is in any town, but there is limited things I do in a place and after a few days, I get bored and start to look forward to my travel. I guess I am not a destination traveller and destinations to me are more akin to pit stops. I’ve had my fill of this town and decided to just take one more day before heading out.

I’ve been staying at the room fernando has kindly given me and its bang in the centre of town. Its a fantastic place to stay, utterly private and quiet. I’ve been lucky to be able to spend a few days. I met fernando in town today and bid him farewell, Thanks mate, you help is much appreciated!

I decided to grab a bit of b’fast in the market and when I got there, there were a few touts pulling me to their food stall, I don’t like to be rushed, so decided to go to one of the stalls that was empty. After the grub, I decided I’d make my day doing a bit of walking around and checking out souvenir shops. Not that I was buying anything, but I figured I might as well get a feel of the artistic style around here. Though I had my mind of replacing my biking shirt.

See, my biking T has been ripped to shreds and every day a new hole emerges and an old one would become bigger. I tried stitching some of the holes to extend the life, but that just made me look a bit like Frankenstein. In the past week or so, I’d been getting patterned tanning thro the holes and though I’ve been looking for a replacement, I’ve never been happy with the choices. A generic cotton T is the best I have seen yet and I am being strongly averse to polyester, trust me, they smell terrible after a week of use.

I walked around the art market and after going thro a bunch of standard issue T’s, I found a lady selling a hand woven cotton shirt. It feels airy and at 60 pesos, I figured I might as well try it. If it doesn’t work out, I could use it as a city shirt or donate it further on. The wool they use here is pretty coarse and terrible and heavy as hell. So getting back to cotton now.

I was a bit bummed with the thought of tourism playing havoc with local economies. On one side there are the expensive bars and restaurants and on the other are the people who sell crapware on the streets to make a quick buck. So many children being forced to sell wares or jus follow people along as ask for some money. It’s sad to observe, but that’s a pretty common side effect of tourism, Pretty common all around the world I reckon.

I found the only Thai place in town for lunch, it was run by a Thai lady and the food was stunning. Been a while since I had a non-mexican food and was glad to find this one. I walked about town and stopped for a bit of hot chocolate and spent a few hours reading my book and walking up and down the streets peeking into many souvenir shops. They all sell the same stuff, I suppose more original artists might have galleries in some hidden side street. Haven’t really spotted them.

It’s been a few nice days in San C. The place surely is interesting and beautiful around, but the town itself leaves me with mixed feelings.
Route: San Cristobal
Distance: 0 km (yay!)
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: $ 30.50
Comment: Going to try Cotton for a change. Hope it works well on the bike

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