I had a note yesterday from a fellow traveller and she was in town too. We made plans to catch up in the day and given I had enough time to kill, I figured I might as well seek out the hike at Moxviquil. I had a nice bit of b’fast at a local joint and the feller pointed me to the spot where the hike would start.

This place has a funny weather, its pretty warm in the mornings and gets down right hot by noon and kind of eases up and chills down in the evenings. So I started my ride in the heat and rode up to the private reserve of Moxviquil. The ride was nice, a bit hilly and I got to the place in no time. There was also an orchid garden there, but given I come from Singapore, it would be hard to beat the sheer varieties that grow in SE Asia. So I gave that a skip.

I supposed that there was an entrance fee to the private reserve, but there was no one manning the gate and so I parked my bike and started walking up. It was nice to be away from the city, the forest was dry, but so much more quieter and pretty to be in. Every time I get a chance to walk in a forest, I immensely enjoy it. Something about the chlorophyll I reckon :-p

The walk was short though and I’d have preferred to keep walking a while more, ah well. I got back and decided to loop around town and snoop on the neighborhoods. The route took me thro functional areas of the town, places where things aren’t displayed for tourism, but people living their lives, a few mechanics, a couple of stores, a boat load of houses, people going about their chores etc. Somehow the functional sections of towns interest me. No one wants to visit them, but they are what run a town. I remember riding thro the dingy bits of San Francisco, Nothing charming, but in its absence, SFO would be a big dump.

Anyhow, I ended up climbing some hills for no reason at all apart from seeing some domestic life and got back to town on an absolutely crazy 15% incline, straight down. Dang.

My new tires seem to be getting into place and I think they do a good job rolling on asphalt and a bit of rubble too. Mondial’s might be a smidgen better option than Dureme’s I think.

I got to the centre and waited up for Jenifeer. She showed up with her host and another traveller Anton, who I had met in San Jose del Pacifico! Its a small world around here. I had a nice hot chocolate somewhere in town and hung out at some house where the fellers were making jewellery with wires. Handicrafts are fascinating to watch.

Route: San Cristobal Loop
Distance: 17 km
Ascent: 970 m
Descent: 712 m
Expenses: $ 22.70
Comment: Enjoying the hikes, must do more.

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