Roberto asked me yesterday if I would mind being in an interview with him. It was about promoting the Casa Cyclista and given that he is working hard to get the idea going in the town. I thought it was an awesome idea and was glad to join him in the video. Little did I know it was a shoot for a couple of TV Channels, heh.

In the morning, I decided to cook some dinner. They didn’t have a stove here and after a long while, I whipped out my stove and made myself some oat meal and coffee. Sweet. Around 10 or so, the TV crew showed up. It was a simple setup with a reporter and a camera person and it was Roberto’s turn to be on the limelight. I was interviewed later and I tried to put in a good word about touring, Casa Cyclista projects and generally a thumbs up for cycling and infrastructure in and around town. A second crew showed up and it was similar. Lucky to be here to hemp promote the efforts of Roberto. Viva la Casa Cyclista!

I joined him in a couple of chores about town with another friend of his. We rode around some of the small streets, which is always cool when riding with a local. We eventually ended up at a nice little restaurant for some super spicy food. I initially had planned to head up to the canyon, but gave up on the idea after the super hot chilaquile.

I hung about at home watching a movie and in the evening, an English Cyclist I met a few days ago showed up. We chatted a while and around midnight it was time to knock off.

Route: Tuxtla Gutierrez
Distance: 0 km (yay!)
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: 13.00
Comment: 5 minutes of fame in Tuxtla

Track Notes