I was up early and Lupita had prepared a huge b’fast for us. Awesome. I ate a bunch and Rodrigo asked if I wanted to join him to another town to do some paper work. I had nothing to do all day so I decided to join him. The morning was pretty pleasant, but the afternoon would turn scorching. I guess I would have to endure the mid afternoon heat as I head out of here. At least there was no wind around.

We rode up to the town of Arriaga, which is across the border in Chiapas. The roads were pretty flat and all around were mango orchards. Rodrigo mentioned that down south its the season for fruits now. And Up in Nayarit where I had spotted big mango plantations, they fruit in June. Ah well I am here and the mangoes are turning reds and golden and I am picking them off the trees and eating them. But not today, There is a big tree at home and I am happy to eat my mangoes there.

There are many ways in which Mexico feels like India to me. Today we visited a telephone office to pay bills and would you believe it, it took us 3 hours waiting in a line of a dozen people to finish this task. I recall the times I used to go to a bank with my dad and spend half a day to do some simple task. Mexico is not too far out, heh.

Anyway, I managed to check out the town of Arriaga, which is out of my route and walked around in the heat a bit. We got back soon enough and I was thinking of all the mangoes growing here, orchards that stretch for amy kilometers and they are all fruiting at the same time. I suppose large juicing companies would have contracts to buy them and make preserves.

I spent the afternoon reading a book and walked around this small village. Its a pretty spot, a bit too warm, but a nice quiet village to rest in.

Route: Santo Domingo Zanantepec
Distance: 0 km (yay!)
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: 3.65
Comment: Nice bit of rest day. No winds in sight.

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