It was a long day on the saddle, that’s for sure. Thro the day, I’d have thought of 20 different titles for the blog, but this is the one that I can remember. I hoped for a nice chilled out ride down to the beach, an epic 2800 m descent, but dang the unplanned uphills.

I was up at 7, and was pretty switched on to carry on with the ride. The town of San Jose del Pacifico was a near perfect spot, the company was awesome and the forest was stunning. But I decided to get going, there are lots of paradises to be discovered along the way ๐Ÿ™‚ I planned to head out for b’fast with Joel and Beth and after a nice bit of meal, i headed in my way out. I had to double back up the hill since I had forgotten my beanie in the hostel.

Here’s a bit about Beth, an absolutely inspiring girl. She plants trees in the summer and decided to take her dog Benito and drive around for a few months. We met many months ago in California when she was camping with her cycling friends. And since then, she’s travelled quite a bit in the USA and Mexico. Camps out all of the time and is a pleasure to talk with. It’s nice to see young people out and about living a full life. May be we get to bump in again some place.

The route out looked pretty decent, a bit of a hill and then a screaming 2800m of descent. Though it was 11 by the time I started, I was planning to finish the day at 5. The uphill was decent and the descent started well. Funnily enough, I don’t seem to be able to recall much of the downhills, most of my memory for the day is slogging up the few 4-6 km hills at 8-12 % grades that punctuated the descents. The weather was good at the start, but after 2 pm, the heat was pretty intense. Even a short 1 km uphill thrown in would make the going pretty hard.

The views were stunning all day long and the vegetation changed to a good bit of tropical forests and banana plantations as I made my way down. I started to hear some birds and monkeys making noises in the forest. Pretty cool.

One can’t believe that I climbed more than 1100m in a day of downhills. I stopped for a lunch and later for some isotonic with 30 km more to go. It was almost 5 pm then and I was tempted to camp for the night. The shop keeper assured me it was just an hour to Mazunte on the bike. So even factoring in some buffer, I figured I’d make it before dark. But there were more hills to climb.

I rode into the town of port angel just as the sun went down and the last 10 km was in the dark. A good test for my lights and I was impressed with it. The coastal road was pretty tough with short hills at 10%, not something I’d like to do after a 100 km day. Ah well, I passed thro some of the villages and beaches and climbed up and down the cliffs before I got to Mazunte.

Alex had advised me to find a place he had stayed at. I knew the street, but forgot the name of the place. Bummer. I tried to scout for it, but couldn’t locate it in the evening and decided to stop at a hostel that allowed me to hang my hammock up. A bit expensive, but not much of an option in the night. Ah well, at least I could get a shower.

A long day indeed, and it’s a bit of a bummer that I have to listen to shitty club music from some nearby club. They need better sound isolation, me thinks. Not the best of ideas to be in a party town in Saturday. I just hope he place is worth it in the day time ๐Ÿ™‚

Route: San Jose del Pacifico to Mazunte
Distance: 125 km
Ascent: 1209 m
Descent: 4402 m
Expenses: $ 27.4
Comments: Check out that Descent… Like I came down from the everest basecamp to sea level.

Track Notes