I was planning to stay one day in town, but as it seems to always happen, I end up staying almost 4 🙂 My Host Alex is a super rad guy, too bad I managed to meet his girlfriend only on Skype. But she was switched on too. And We’ve been talking about all the bike trips they’ve done and a really big one they are about to start in a couple of weeks. They are heading in the same direction as me and so there is a good chance I’d catch them along the way…

I also met a few cycle tourists in town. Firstly it was a Nik who was doing a nice leisurely tour. We caught up and walked around town when I bumped into Lauren and Keifer, a couple of Canadians I met in Guadalajara earlier. Then down the road, I met Pablo, A brazilian cyclist. I have feeling I might meet this guy sooner again.

In the last few days, my middle chain ring had been giving me a lot of grief. The race face ring I had changed to seemed to have worn out faster than I had expected and some of the teeth would slip when I put a bit of load on it. Utterly annoying and sometimes painful when I try to climb hills. Dang. So I was looking for a place to fix my bike and with Alex’s recommendation I checked out a few bike shops. They seem pretty stocked down here and I figured I might get my bike back in shape.

Of course after so many months, my chain was a bit warped and a couple of the rings in the rear cassette were misfiring too. So in the last couple of days, I had pretty much my entire drive train replaced. It cost me a bit, but its one of those essential expenses and my drivetrain feels like butter. With some good climbs coming along, I am happy with the way the bike feels.

I spent the last couple of days going around town, drinking good chocolate and generally shooting the breeze with Alex. It’s been fun hanging out with him and tomorrow it’s time to head out again.

Route: Oaxaca
Distance: 0 km (Yay!)
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: $ 226.10
Comments: Nice to have the bike in shape!

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