It was a relaxing sleep and I even overslept. Up at 9 and I was invited to a nice b’fast. Awesome, best way to start a day. Antonio suggested that we ride up to cholula again and check out some places.

So we rode up along some of the quieter roads and got to town. I was hoping to catch up with another cyclist, but it didn’t work out. Ah well, we’ll meet on the road some time.

Cholula is a quaint town, it’s got a very university town vibe to it, quite a bit of cycling spotted in town too. In addition, the place supposedly has the highest concentration of churches in Mexico. It was obvious with a church in every corner.

We checked out the church that was built on top of a pyramid and was cool to get up and see the town. We rode around town the rest of the day and checked out some quaint roads. Antonio rode a single speed all the way and was super fun to hang out with. In the evening, he had to take some pictures of a children’s sports club for his work and we ended up at the sports complex watching kids train for football. I should say some of the fellers had a strong kick and fantastic skills.

Rode back in the dark, but it was good to check my new lights out. And I have to say the B&M Cyo lights are the bomb.

Route: Cholula Loop
Distance: 34 km
Ascent: 214 m
Descent: 211 m
Expenses: $ 11.50
Comment: Cholula has tons of churches. And seems like Summer is here already!

Track Notes