I had a feeling that We might not really get out of town today and when I got up at 8, Kareem was fast asleep and didn’t look like he was going to stir anytime soon. So I lay in and rested till 10. I suppose with the day’s ride out of the way, we could think about doing something in town instead.

We chatted with ver and she told us how to get to the big waterfall near town, “Puente De Dios” and also a couple of other spots too. But first food was in order and I followed Eduardo’s recommendation and landed at Irene’s Gordita shop. See usually gorditas are made out of corn flour, but irene makes them with wheat flour which is crispier and of course the stuffing was damn awesome and I ended up eating a ton with promise of returning back tomorrow.

We took a walk to Puente De Dios, mostly to digest the food and also to enjoy the lovely day. The waterfall and the swimming holes were really nice and I finally braved a swim after a long while. The day was warm and the water was refreshing and there was a bit of cave to explore too. So there. The spot was well setup for tourism, but this being the off season, we were pretty much by ourselves most of the time. We walked back into town and decided to check out a nearby village which supposedly had some decent river.

It was just a few k’s and pretty quick on the bike. They seem to be developing this spot as a nice bit of running / walking track and was just a sequence of swimming holes interrupted by some gentle cascades. Was a pretty spot. On the way back, we spotted another turnoff to a place called Cascadita’s and we decided to explore. The road ended up in another pretty waterfall. I guess the terrain around here is pretty perfect for these cascades and with so much water around, it’s just a wonderful place for swim enthusiasts. The Huastecas does live up to its name for being a stunning place.

Route: Tamasopo
Distance: 0 km (10 km of city riding)
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: $ 6.80
Comment: Tons of cascades around and they are all beautiful.

Track Notes