I was planning a bit of a bike ride up the hills to an interesting tourist spot called “sótano de las golondrinas” today. But Kareem and Marco were heading that way on some work and suggested that they would take me there instead and did mention the hill was really steep. And indeed it was.

Well, I started the day with a nice b’fast of sweetened bread. See it’s another day of tradition here associated with Christmas and its customary to eat sweet bread. So I had a nice bit of b’fast and headed out with Kareem.

We drove for nearly 80 km or so, as Marco had to supervise a construction site. It was a good cool day and the views were pretty. This route was the same one that I took a couple of days back when I got into town. After hanging about and waiting for the official business to be over, we headed back. I had a nice bit of lunch of Bocoles. They are like Gorditas, which are like Tacos… But they a e all different and really tasty, heh.

We headed into the town of aquismon and that’s when the climb started. It was steep indeed. I would have made it up on an unloaded bike, but loaded, it would have been a near 4 hour affair to climb the 16 km. At parts, it was so steep, it looked like 16% hills in Thailand. Ouch. On top, it started drizzling and I was super glad that Kareem gave me a ride to this place.

Up top, we had to walk down a bunch of stairs to get to the big cave. More like a vertical shaft that went down 400m or so. I was initially a bit skeptical to go to the edge, but with a bit of tops, I decided to take a peek. This place was interesting, though I generally don’t enjoy spots that have been ‘developed’ with tourism in mind, his place was a bit different. I think it’s unique and they had to make it accessible to people. I didn’t mind. Once in a while, a bunch of swallows would circle overhead and just dive into the cave. It was interesting to watch and listen to he sounds as they swooped in. Very difficult to photograph, but nice to just sit down and watch these birds do some acrobatics.

In the evening, I started my Spanish lesson and had a bit of conversation starter that I am ok with, I learnt a bit of context and structure I reckon. I guess a few more days of working and a dictionary in hand, I might be confident in speech a little bit!

Track Notes