I was informed of a cave a couple of hours hike from town and I figured it might be a nice way to spend a bit more time in the mountains. Nora was sweet with me staying one more day and the plan was in place.

Claudia wanted to walk her dogs a bit and so we walked to the trail. It was nice of her to show me some shortcuts in town and we got to the little road I had looked for campsite a couple of days earlier. Along the way, I met my old buddy Ibarra too! Sweet!

Claudia turned back after a bit and gave me instructions to find the cave. Which was, ‘keep going on the road and you will see the sign’. After about 5 k’s or so, I spotted a sign to the cave, which just said another 2.7 km to go. It was a nice day and the forest was pretty to walk in. In addition, the trail was fantastic underfoot and I had a lovely time exploring the place. I met just 2 people along the way and they pointed in a general direction when I asked about the cave. After walking 5 or so km more, I reached another village and came out of the bush too. I enquired and the villagers told me to get back in the bush.

After an hour of searching, I found some nice streams, flowers and birds. But No cave. I suppose it was probably pretty much in view, but I didn’t recognise it or whatever. So I turned back and headed home by 4 pm or so.

Didn’t find the cave, but still had a wonderful time hiking in the hills and forest. Good way to spend a rest day I reckon.

Route: Jalpan De Serra
Distance: 0 km (Yay!)
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: 7.15 $
Comment: Hiking brings out a very different view of the country.

Track Notes