It was a bit of a fitful sleep in my stealth campground. Turned out it wasn’t all that stealthy, what with the fairgrounds next door. I had to sleep light just so that I am up when some comes snooping. I was up at 6 and packed up and left the place when it was still before sunrise.

I decided to head to the hotel I had bummed in yesterday for b’fast and wifi. I was obviously early and had to wait a bit before they opened the restaurant. As I was eating, I got a message from my host and she was willing to host me for the night. So plans changed immediately and I decided to rest my legs before heading on another big hill climb.

That’s how I end up meeting yet another lovely family and awesome people. Nora and her sister Claudia were super friendly and lucky for me, spoke really good english! I joined Nora’s dad to his farm where he wanted to tend his cows in the morning. It was a beautiful spot close to town, but utterly quiet. I wanted to try my hand at milking the cow, but I know better than to come between a farmer and his udder.

After having a lovely meal from the milk products got from their farm, I took a bit of a hike up a small hill. The views were stunning and I stayed up for a bit just watching trees on the hills. It’s been a good day’s stay in Jalpan!

Route: Jalpan De Serra
Distance: 0 km (Yay!)
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: 10.60 $
Comment: It was nice to watch the dogs rally the cows around…

Track Notes