I was up when Maria came in to start her kitchen for b’fast. I took my time to hang about as the route today was pretty screaming downhills all day.

After bidding farewells, I got on the road at 9. It was a bit chilly and the short uphills were at 11% and I would start to heat up and sweat. Was a bit tricky to decide on jacket on or off. finally I landed on the long downhill and I had to keep my jacket on for the long stretch. The views were fantastic today and at every turn I’d slow down to admire the valleys. At some point, I spotted an eagle and stopped to watch them. A dozen or so eagles showed up and they were soaring right on top of my head. Stunning viewing indeed.

There were a couple of turnoff’s for some waterfall along the way, but I spied the rivers to be real low and decided not to do additional climbing to see falls with no water.

A short uphill and another screaming down later, I was in the town of Jalpan. I was hoping for a couchsurfing host in town, but I guess we had a bit of issue messaging and though she invited me, I didn’t have an address or phone to contact her. I dropped her a message and waited at a hotel eating some food and leeching on their internet.

At 6 PM, I decided to give up and looked for a place to camp. The only place in town was near the dam, as I headed there, I realized a few resorts were built up and they wanted to charge me 100 pesos to put my hammock up. That was really outrageous and I decided not to camp there.

A few kids (may be 12 or so) showed up and tried to help me find a place to camp. The kid who could speak english, Ibarra, led me to a public park (which was too visible) and later to a bit hilly ground (which was not good for camping). Later he consulted with his other 12 yo and led me to the Rodeo stadium. The stadium seemed to be a pretty good spot to stealth camp and with a small balcony offering a lot of hiding space, I decided to sleep there. The fairgrounds were next door and the rides went on till 11 pm. I slept pretty alright after that though.

Route: Village near Pinal De Amoles to Jalpan De Serra
Distance: 55 km
Ascent: 451 m
Descent: 2245 m
Expenses: 12.50 $
Comment: Kids were really helpful and found me a place to sleep!

Track Notes