Because you know, today is festivus! I searched for an aluminum pole to celebrate, but found only a steel pole. That was the only grievance, heh. But since there was no one I could air my other grievances to, I skipped it and the feats of strength. Unless you consider eating a boat load of food as a feat of strength.

But of course, there was a festivus miracle! We get to stay a couple of nights here and relax and enjoy some good company! If not for festivus miracles, I wouldn’t have found such charming hosts, eh!

I started the day with s stunning b’fast that Diana and Jose made for us. Then Jose decided to be a tour guide and show us some of the sights in town. As it turns out, this town and teh church in it was where Hidalgo started his Independence movement and though it wasn’t something he follow thro till fruition, it forms a significant part of the history of Modern Mexico. We drove around town and Jose pointed us to various interesting places and gave us tidbits and trivia about some of the events.

We even rode out of town a bit to see the oldest temple in all of Guanajuato. I like to see pretty buildings and it was nice to be toured around. We came home for some real nice lunch and continues the tour and visited a Derelict hacienda, which is essentially a land owner’s mansion. These are a bit of historical artefacts these days and nice to hear a bit of back story on the colonisation and the social setup of post-hispanic Mexico.

Wonderful way to spend a rest day I reckon and we followed it with some good dinner made by Anna. Yummy. If touring days were all festivus, I may never stop :-p

Route: Dolores Hidalgo
Distance: 0 Km (Yay!)
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: $ 14.90
Comment: It’s Festivus. I ain’t leaving!

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