So after nearly 10 days of deciding to ride together, it finally happens today. We have been passing thro the same places, but somehow, we never managed to start the day riding together. Today, the three of us are heading the same way and I figured a small day would be fun to spend time hanging out with the duo.

I was up at 7, but we took our time getting out of the hotel. Almost 10 before we hit the road. The route was supposed to climb for the first 10-12 km and right of the bat, we were climbing. Anna was setting a slow pace and Marcin hung back. But I decided to ride my pace and headed up. The first 6 km or so was steeper with sections hitting 10%. But it eased up towards the later half. It was pretty with some trees dotting the hills. I was glad to be in mountains again and really enjoyed the views.

It was a good 1.5 hr climb and I waited at the top for the duo. Once we regrouped, I headed down and it was a lovely descent with sweeping curves and a nice road. The traffic was practically non existent and it was fun going down for bout 30 km or so to Dolores Hidalgo. Wait a minute, I am not sure, may be it’s Celeste or Mulva Hidalgo… Ah well.

I stopped at an convenience store for coffee and we regrouped again. Marcin had a couchsurfing host and we needed to find some wifi to get the address. We found it and rode to Jose’s home.

Out host was super nice and allowed me to stay though Marcin had indicated only 2 people. After a while, we were fed some lunch and fine coffee… Later we decided to go into town. Jose asked us to stick around for a couple of days and join them for the Christmas Eve party. Hmmm. How can I refuse a party. I guess this is the holiday season and hanging out with some nice folks is what traveling is all about eh! So here’s to another couple of rest days! Yay!

Route: Guanajuato to Dolores Hidalgo
Distance: 57 Km
Ascent: 858 m
Descent: 957 m
Expenses: $ 7.50
Comment: Don’t offer me food and ask me to stay a while. I WILL STAY!

Track Notes