I slept in this morning and I hadn’t heard any sound till 7 am. Fernando and Frieda were making B’fast as I packed up and they shared the nice grub with me. They were a really lovely couple and I wish I had more time to hang out. Ah well, the ride goes on…

I had contacted Marcin and Anna, who had bussed it to Guanajuato and I planned to do a short day to there too. The rode out of Leon was not pretty, again. I can’t wait to get to the hills and forests. The route was a highway with decent traffic. It was flat till Silas and easy riding. I road into the town center, these days the centro is a hub of activity and always a bit of fun to check out. Silas centro was a busy market selling all sorts of stuff for Christmas and also many fresh produce. I walked thro and once out of town, it was a gentle uphill into Guanajuato.

The view got a little better here as there were a few trees and as I got into town, I had to negotiate two tunnels which was a bit hairy. No lights or shoulder and I had to take the lane just to make sure no one knocks me out.

When I spotted the town, it reminded me of Minas Tirth from the lord of the rings. The town is built on a hill and the sides of the roads were built as high walls to keep the houses from slidin down. It seemed to be a pretty touristy place and felt totally out of Mexico. Not sure who planned this or why. But it was really strange to see a really densely built up place with narrow roads leading every which way. Funnily a lot of the roads were underground. Tunnels all over the town with the buildings on top. I tried to navigate my way to the place the poles we were at and looped around in the tunnels trying to figure out my bearings. The GPS is pretty useless here and I had to find an exit and get to the open.

The place seems to attract a lot of artists and as it is win tourist spots, tons of souvenir shops were around. I finally found the hotel, which was pretty cute, but not much of a hotel. I spent a while waiting for my friends and finally caught up with them. I checked into the hotel and went for a walk around town. It is a pretty interesting place indeed and I think a good way to appreciate the place would be to live here for a while. There are too many nooks and crannies that might have a little bit of treasure to discover, a cafe here, a pub there etc.

Walking around town was a tourist affair and good do see the place, but I count not get a sense of the niceties. Would have been nice to have a contact to hang around for a day or two, but as it stands now, I move on.

Route: Leon to Guanajuato
Distance: 58 Km
Ascent: 490 m
Descent: 267 m
Expenses: $ 34.10
Comment: Towns like this can be appreciated only by living in them I reckon.

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