I had a nice sleep. Its good to sleep outdoors I missed it in the last couple of weeks. Though there was a bit of a disturbance what with the dog barking at odd times of the night, the rats squeaking under me and the rooster getting in on the action at 4 in the morning. the Farm was up and running at 5 AM. I decided to lay in for a while and was eventually up at 7. The sun doesn’t come up till 7 (haven’t seen sunrise in a while, heh).

I was packing up when the old farmer asked me if I wanted some milk. He was milking the cows and got me a glass full straight from the udder. Screw pasteurisation, drinking milk right from the udder is how it should be done 🙂 I had a second glass full too and headed on the road. San Julian was just downhill from there and I stopped there for some b’fast. They had wifi too so I spent more than an hour there uploading the blogs and doing internet stuff.

By the time I got back on the road, the sun was high, but it wasn’t too warm yet. It was nice riding, but the scenery was generally blah. After a long while, I got to the town of San Francisco. This looked like a boring sprawled out town and I wasn’t interested in stopping. I figured I might just get some grub when I get into Leon.

I found something cool though at San Francisco. There was a big shop right on the main road which was selling various sorts of fabrics. What caught my eye was the nylon, poly, plastic etc… And they had rolled of stuff inside. I figured they might have some material I could use to patch my panniers and walked in. I couldn’t speak the language, but with a bit of dancing about, managed to tell them I need a waterproof material to patch. The feller took me to a corner where they had the material in spaces and in any color I could choose. I picked red, to match my pannier and they gave me some solution to stick it too. And it cost me all of 5 pesos. I have another 6 ft of material left over for future use. Score!

There was a bit of road construction after this bit and the funny thing was that they had a bike lane all the way to Leon, about 20 km. In Leon, there was bike lanes all the way into the city centre. I didn’t have my host’s contact and had to muscle my way thro the traffic to the centre to find a cafe with wifi. I ended up a McD and the managed let me use her phone to contact Frida.

The ride to their place was short, but the heat was pretty intense. I suppose the combination of sun and pollution was a hard one and I was a bit tired by the time I got to my host’s place. All along Mexico, one of the things that stands out is the number of shoe shops in any town. The smallest village would have one Big ass Church and 3 shoe shops. Leon tok the cake, there was an entire shopping complex all 4 floors of it dedicated to shoes. “Zappatos Plaza”. I would later learn that leon is the Shoe capital of Mexico and the biggest industry around here is manufacturing fashion for your feet!

Freida & Fernando were young teachers and fun to talk with. Bummer that they were heading out of town tonight, but they were chilled to let me stay and hang around. I figured I might stay a day more and catch up with them a bit more before I leave. Also good to get rid of this bit of cough too I think.

Route: Farm house near San Julian to Leon
Distance: 75 Km
Ascent: 351 m
Descent: 717 m
Expenses: $ 17.30
Comment: Easy ride, but still no good views

Track Notes