Finally, I manage to extricate myself from the clutches of the lovely folks in GDL. It was difficult saying goodbyes, but such is life. I’ve made new friends and had amazing times. And now its time to move on.

I started the day with a nice b’fast with the lovely girls (Iris, Miriam & Helene) and when I got back to Casa Cyclista, I figured Marcin & Anna might not be joining me yet. Seems like the Flu that has been infecting the Casa has taken a good hold on them and they decided to bus it to the next town. We planned to ride together, may be that would be tomorrow.

I bid farewell to my buddy Dani, for the time being. We planned to sync up again after the New Year’s, with Wolfi. The boys are a riot and I would not want to miss riding with them. Steve, the Kiwi I met in Baja, showed up yesterday and it seems like we don’t get to hang out together much. May be our paths would cross soon enough. I hope the flu bug in CasaC passes soon enough and everyone gets party fit before Friday. Its the big party and I am missing it 🙁

I headed out around 10 AM and followed the GPS tracks out of town. I felt a bit tedious to breathe, what with the blocked nose and stuff, but nothing a good exercise can’t cure eh. The bummer was that the cars and trucks were blowing fumes and breathing thro the mouth, just screwed with my throat too much. I managed to get to the toll road (Cuota) and followed it most of the way to Tepatitlan. It was a bit of a rolling route, but an easy ride thro the day. The shoulders were wide and riding was easy, but the Cuota starts to get real boring after a while.

I stopped for a quick break and coffee around noon and just as I was entering the toll road, my front tire had a puncture. Luckily I had a bit of a shade to investigate. Once again, the tires were not to blame. Seems like a bit of paint chipping inside the rim ended up damaging the inside of the tube. Bummer. I added a bit of duck tape over the rim tape and replaced the tubes before carrying on.

Abut 15 k’s or so before town, I was zoning out and not really enjoying the scenery. So I figured to change things up and got on to the Libre (free) highway. This was a bit more interesting, though slower and probably more dangerous due to the lack of a decent shoulder. At times shoulder would disappear and at best its about 2 feet wide. But its nicer to pass thro some sleepy villages along the way and wave to the kids on the street. Much more interesting than cranking out distance on the Cuota.

I made my way to Tepatitlan by 4:30 and hung out at a cafe. I was supposed to meet one of Iris’s friend, Christian, here and he showed up in a little while. We chatted a bit and rode around town and I finally left him and headed to meet my host in town at 7 PM.

Fernando, was a really nice chap and he let us feel at home the moment I got there. Marcin and Anna had already reached and we hung out the evening at home. Fernando’s family was more than welcoming of us and his mum made us some lovely pancakes for dinner and I must have swigged half a litre of fruit punch too, heh.

It’s sad to leave GDL, but I am happy to be back on the road an in a really nice home tonight.

Route: Guadalajara to Tepatitlan
Distance: 87 Km
Ascent: 950 m
Descent: 750 m
Expenses: $ 13.30
Comment: A bit of a boring route, but nice to be back on the road.

Track Notes