Hope you all read a good book in the mean time. I have been sucked into this vortex of amazingness, a flurry of activity, cocktail of parties, mishmash of cultures and the loveliness of people. Guadalajara is as Dani put it, actually Guapa-lajara.

I honestly don’t have words to describe all the experiences here, suffice it to say that the place to me feels like some of my favorite towns around the world. Portland (OR, USA), Welligton (NZ), Irkutsk (Russia) and now Guadalajara (Mexico) enters the list and in the last few days, climbed rapidly up the list too.

What was a bit of a shocker for me was that I have never heard of the place before and the good feeling crept in gently and, before I knew it, whacked me in the head like a ton of bricks. I am still reeling from the impact and it’s nearly impossible to find a reason to get out. Finally I would manage to, the road calls and I have to respond.

The casa cyclista is a catalyst and a hub for a variety of characters, social workers, artists, bike enthusiasts, and generally people who bring a completely positive vibe to the place. It’s been a pleasure knowing some of the fine folk and if I start mentioning names, I’d be writing a post too long to read. So I shall not and keep the fond memories to myself.

I’ve been commuting by bike around here and the quarter I am in is pretty self sufficient and bike friendly – Imagine marked bike paths and a spanking new bike share program too. It’s a progressive town this. I can’t speak much about the town itself, ‘cos most of the experience I have is from hanging out at some of the nice spots with the new friends I’ve made.

So many things I have done in this town, it feels like I started partying the day I came here and not stopped still. I won’t recount all of them, just to keep things, ahem, lets say, ahem, well, Dang it, Mum reads this blog. We had great parties, night out at Pulke bars, club hopping on a bike, almost mystical Fandango nights, evenings at the city square watching the oldies getting it on, Karaoke, Lucha Libre, and it goes on and on. And in the meantime, I even managed to find a dang amazing artist to stamp GDL for me.

GDL is an absolute hoot, it has to get credit for its ability to host so many charming and lovely people within itself. It is hard saying goodbyes, but I have to. Here’s wishing my best to all my new friends. I hope to be back again.

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