I woke up pretty refreshed and as I was packing up, I noticed that one of my panniers was ripped open. Bummer. I looked in and found that the peanut candy had attracted some rodent, likely a rat to burrow in. I have a history with these pesky brats. In NZ they ripped into my backpack, in Baja, they bit into my muffin and now they went overboard and tore my pannier.

The thing with the panniers (or for that matter, anything else I carry) is that its a pretty essential component. I trust it not to fail and try to keep it as protected as possible. There are no backups on the road and there is little room for equipment failure. Ah well, lucky for me, I don’t let myself be bothered too much these days. Shit happens and I just have to carry on. So a bit of duck tape and viola, I have a usable pannier again. Might try to get it patched properly someplace though.

We had a cup of coffee and rode into town for a quick b’fast. At the town center, there were many food shops selling fried dough fritters and we stopped at one to get some oily grub. It was then I realized one of her kids had a b’day today and so did I. We ended up singing a birthday some loudly in the middle of the street and thoroughly embarrassing the kid, heh.

We rode up to a supermarket and got some supplies before heading into the toll highway. It would be a long day of riding without services. The market was playing loud dance music and we were goofing off with silly dance moves and entertaining the kids who were hanging about.

The route out was flat to begin with and started with many k’s of mango orchards. They were not in season though. After a while we hit up some marshlands and the mangroves were pretty. In 40 k’s or so, the farmlands gave way to some fresh forests and it was nice to look at trees again. The big hills we would have to cross loomed large over the horizon and we figured we might have a bit of a climb today to.

As it would turn out, there was a small hill to cross and after 90 km, hills are usually a bit of a work out for me. We nearly made it to town when wolfi spotted a tarantula by the roadside. We stopped to shoot some pics and later rode into town. The toll highway is pretty and really safe to ride in, but there are few services and the exits seem to be 70ks apart. Need to be carrying food and water for sure.

We came into the town and sported a bar which dani said served food too. So we ended up there and they had some lovely grub and when we asked, they let us camp in their backyard. The boys organized an impromptu b’day evening and we hung out till nearly 10 pm before hitting the bed. Nice. A good long day of cycling followed by. Perfect campsite. Life is awesome!

Route: Escuinapa De Hidalgo to Rosamorada
Distance: 105 Km
Ascent: 445 m
Descent: 428 m
Expenses: $ 24.00
Comment: Yet another B’day with stranger who are friends!

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