The lovely old hotel was was a good place to rest and I enjoyed walking around in the old town. In the morning, we took it easy packing up and by the time we left the place it was nearly 10, heh. We rode up to the nice restaurant, holy moly & Pozole for a 2nd B’fast and hung out a bit there. By the time we hit the road it was nearly 11. It was funny when dani commented, “these guys are not German”. Daniel and Wolfie were pretty chilled out and enjoy a leisurely start. I later figured that they are super strong riders and make up time on the road.

We king or looped around town to find the toll highway and it was pretty straightforward. The traffic wasn’t too terrible once we got away from the city and the road had a nice shudder for us to ride on.

It was a pleasant change from the Baja route as this place feels pretty sub tropical and very green. I spotted a few hills that had lots of flowers and was pretty. Most of the area around was farmlands growing vegetables and corn and I even saw a few strawberry fields.

The road was flat and after 25 km or so, we got to the intersection where the too road began. We’ve been hearing that the toll road was a better option as the traffic would be lighter and also had decent shoulder. It was indeed the case and the ride was enjoyable.

Up front Daniel would set a pretty strong pace and I was trying to keep up. It wasn’t too difficult as we had gentle tail wind and the road was pretty flat. Unlike baja, here we had good sections with shade too and occasional overhead bridges also offered spots for us to stop and take shelter from the sun. But we realised after a few k’s that the toll road didn’t have any turnouts and would be not a good place to find a campsite for the evening and we had to detour out at some point to find towns.

About 70k’s in, we had a exit to the town of el Rosarito. The place looked to be an historical spot and I presume a mission was established here too. The church in the middle of the town was huge and we stopped to get some refreshments and pictures. However, we decided to push on to the next town on the “free” highway. This we would learn was a bit of a scary task as the traffic was pretty heavy and lacked any kind of shoulder. The fast trucks and buses were pretty unnerving.

I was at the head of the peloton at this section and tried to beat the sunset and rode hard. We stopped for a bit of a breather and a car stopped behind us and he ‘offered’ to stay behind us on the little hill coming up. It was cute with us riding up the hill and the car following is with its hazard lights on, he hee..

At the end of the hill, we spotted a place to camp and it turned out to be a little restaurant and the lady let us vamp by the side of her house. Sweet. I wasn’t hungry and got a cup of coffee and ha mocked near their wash area. A good spot I hope. It’s always nice to ride in a place where you could rock up in the evening and find a spot to stay. Cuts out the effort of micro planning the day.

Route: Mazatlan to Escionapa de Hidalgo
Distance: 96 Km
Ascent: 441 m
Descent: 430 m
Expenses: $ 8.70
Comment: The mainland seems like n alright place for today for sure.

Track Notes