We arrived at Mazatlan earlier than the scheduled time of 11. It was just 9 and as I got off the ferry, noticed that my front tire had lost air. Dang, I guess I didn’t fix the flat properly.

The Schwalbe tires are pretty strong and I could ride them with very little air to the a hotel a few K’s away in the old town. Hotel Lemar was a bit of a throwback to old times and was a cute place with a huge courtyard and old rooms with huge windows. At 230 pesos for a double room, we were stoked to be here.

We walked around the town taking in the crowded markets scenes and the refurbished shop houses with cafes and diners. The market is pretty similar to the ones I’d find in Thailand. Its a collection of small shops lined tightly against one another and selling a lot of plastic junk. It’s a kind of place where one would go looking for some stuff and be sure of finding it. heh. This being the christmas season, there is a lot more tinsel that one could shake a leg at.

The vibe here is a bit more happening than in Baja and I sense crowded cities as we head along from here on. I wonder how the traffic would behave, hopefully decently.

The hotel even had some fast wifi and I caught up on blogs and charged up the batteries and stuff. Guess I feel ready to head out for the next leg.

In the evening, we walked around a bit more taking in the vibe of the town and eating some dinner too. We found a nice little restaurant and I had another interesting mexican fare called Pozoli. It was fantastic and even better was a lovely chilli queso soup. Yum.

I guess this is a typical trading post of a town and I would find similar places in any part of the world, but to me its cuter than huge metropolis with their fancier shopping malls. Such towns are nice to walk around.

Route: Mazatlan
Distance: 3 Km
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: $ 38.95
Comment: The old town is a nice bit of walkabout.

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