We ended up staying longer in La Paz because of the ferry schedule.but it was the family that hosted us that made the big difference in making our stay such a pleasure.

Julio was a veteran traveller and had hitch hiked across countries in the 70’s and Eduardo and Alejandro had biked in Europe themselves. They not only had an appreciation for travel and travelers but were genuinely open hearted and all of us there felt so much at home.

Incidentally, we met two German cyclists, Wolfie and Daniel here and later Mathias another German showed up too. They were hosting 5 people at the same time!it was nice hanging out and checking the town.

We had a nice dinner one of the nights as they had a house guest and all of us were invited! The next day we had a bit of a hangover, but nothing a bike ride can’t cure.

We packed up and road in the headwinds to the ferry terminal about 20 km north of town. There were few tiny hills, but we made it in time to catch the boat.

It was a cargo ferry and instead of hanging indoors with the truck drivers, we spread out bedding on the open deck and slept under the stars. With the boat rocking gently, I slept like a baby and woke up in Mazatlan!

Route: La Paz to Ferry Terminal
Distance: 19 Km
Ascent: 152 m
Descent: 172 m
Expenses: $ 149.80
Comment: Sleeping on the Deck was nice and cool.

Track Notes