La Paz turns out to be an absolutely charming town. Till now, all along Baja, I haven’t felt any town to have a soul. They mostly seemed to be towns formed out of necessity, a little truck stop to service he trade route. Even Loreto, the nicer of all the towns seems like an afterthought. Like someone decided they needed a base camp for tourists in the mar de Cortez.

La Paz, feels different. It feels lived in. I walked around town and had a real barber give me a proper shave. Rodrigo was a seasoned professional. I don’t think I have had a closer shave like this one before. He was pulling and tugging on my face and scrapping in all directions until he was satisfied and my face feels buttery. A nostalgic moment getting a proper shave from a pro.

The bike shop couldn’t really help me and recommended me to go to Guadalajara. I hope the wheel holds up till then.

Our host, Eduardo was nice and walked us to the ferry booking office and enquired a bun for us and finally suggested that we should take the cargo ferry which would turn out to be 300 pesos cheaper and would give us an additional day in town. He later chaperoned us around town in the afternoon and the old market street felt very Asian. I mean a place where you can buy mini accordions, next to another which sells guitars and hats. A really awesome jumble.

The town is lovely and I think a couple of days here before we get the ferry would be time well spent.

Route: La Paz
Distance: 0 Km
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: $ 72.00
Comment: Crazy winds all day long!

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