The palm stumps I had tied my hammock to were pretty flexible and I ended up on the ground when I got in. So I ended up sleeping on the ground, but the hammock was great to keep the bugs out.

In the morning, we had b’fast at the restaurant we stayed the evening in and the guy was awesome and gave us the food for free! Nice chap!

The route was going to climb in the morning and it did, but it was super gentle and the cool morning made it a lovely ride. There weren’t much views, but its always nice to be climbing and feel like doing some work. Once on the top, the terrain changed to a bit of rolling hills and was nice. We had heard of some road works going on and we ended up with 3 stretches of them today.

The alternate road was super sandy and with crazy bumps. I was pretty sore after riding just a couple of K’s on them. Dang. There was more to be annoyed about. When ever a car passed, they would blow tons of dust on me. On top some of the drivers were absolute idiots. The would drive by like a maniac and would shoot a spray of small pebbles all over. Like a hail of stones. Dang. Luckily some bits were already paved and I could jump out and ride away from the traffic.

We reached the summit looking to La Paz and decided to go on till we get to a cafe with wifi. After 20 more km we stopped at a petrol station for lunch and wifi and hung out a bit.

We managed to get a response from a Warmshowers host and we rode into the town of La Paz. I felt the rear wheel to be a bit wobbly and realised that the rear hub had some play. Dang. I thought the guys in Portland REI fixed it good for me. I am surprised at the failure. But the bike is still rideable, just needs a mechanic to look at it and fix it I reckon.

We rode into town and reached Eduardo’s (our host) house just as he was leaving. But he was nice and let us hang out and freshen up even though he wasn’t going to be home. Awesome eh!

We met a couple of German cyclists there and went walking around town in the evening. La Paz turns out to be a nice charming little place and very enjoyable to walk in, Tons of people running / skating along the beach. Has a good vibe.

In the night, Eduardo set up some fire in the backyard and we ended up chatting with him and his family until after midnight. They were really friendly people and much fun to hang out with. Nice to be here while we make plans to head towards mainland.

Route: La Paz -76 Km to La Paz
Distance: 76 Km
Ascent: 452 m
Descent: 578 m
Expenses: $ 21.5
Comment: Give a man a Fish, he will eat for a day. Give a man a car, he will be an asshole for ever!!

Track Notes