It was a funny night. The power transmission lines send a lot of vibrations through the tower and the hammock was getting a good buzz. Once in a while the lines would make a loud crack that would wake me up, but I would spend the next 15 mins watching stars thro the mosquito net and scaffolding. I think it would have been lovely spot to shoot star trails, but I was too lazy to get out :-p

I was up at 6 and made a good b’fast and coffee to get me going. I was low on water and conserved a bit for the ride ahead. Once the sun was up, the heat got on, but the wind was cool and good to ride on. The flat road (1% downhill) continues until we got to ciudad insurgents. We stopped for a b’fast which turned to a long break what with them having wifi and us being leeches, heh.

It was another 80 km out to the tiny village of Santa Rita and we headed out in the heat. Along the way, a truck passed us and one of them threw down a safety vest to Dani. Dani already had one and he gave the new one to me. Nice! Now I look like road construction crew, and extremely visible!

The 80 km of flat straight road was absolutely boring to be honest. The valley was featureless and he roads narrow. Not much traffic so that made the riding a bit ok. But one has to ride these bits once in a while eh. I time trialled myself for most of the way and we stopped every 20 or so km to get a drink and eat a banana or so. I was pushing 25, 27 kmph and teasing 30 once in a while. There was a gentle tail wind which helped matters a lot.

When we reached the town of Santa Rita in good time and asked the first house for a place to camp, the lady was nice and let us stay. We rode in a bit for food. The restaurant was closed for the day, but they decided to share their dinner with us. It was a chicken stew and since I am vegetarian, they gave me some of it without the meat. Huh, ah well. I don’t have much of a choice. They let us camp behind their house too and we decided to stay here. I found a spot to put my hammock too. So it worked well. Looks like the next couple of days would be wild as there are very few services. But we’d survive!

Route: Loreto + 93Km to Santa Rita
Distance: 110 Km
Ascent: 139 m (I am switching to Metric now)
Descent: 232 m
Expenses: $ 23.7
Comment: Hills sure does make one feel alive!

Track Notes