It’s popular knowledge among cyclists touring in Baja, that the hill after Loreto is the “Big One”. I was informed by Siemen, a cyclist I met in Canada, that the hill is actually ok. I looked up and it was a paltry 1400 ft. Pfft. Well, you never know what sort of inclines it would throw and I was cautious about dismissing it.

We started the day with another big b’fast by Sandra and we refilled water and hit the road by 9 pm. It was a warm day to start with and the heat would turn on as the day progressed. The road out of Loreto was flattish, but with a few 7% bumps thrown in for good measure. My legs felt lazy after the break and I had to ride slowly to get the system warmed up. Lout skirts of Loreto seemed to be a resort area with golf courses and hotels along the way.

At about 20 k’s I spotted a nice little cafe by the beach and we decided to grab a cuppa to wake up. It was pretty beautiful and we ended up hanging out for an hour or so. Eventually we had to leave, the hill was calling us. The day had gotten warmer in the meantime.

We hit the hill which started at an honest 7% and would get up to 9% in bits but nothing strenuous. All I had to do was put myself in the granny and crank on. It was a steady climb for an hour or so and after that the road was rolling for a while. The views were stunning. It felt pretty Wild West with deep canyons and high Ricky cliffs. I was too focussed on riding to take any pics.

We stopped for some cerveza, which is my go to drink in the hot afternoon and this would turn out to be the last restaurant for the next 50 km. I wasn’t feeling hungry, but decided to was some food anyway, since I was in a restaurant. The road climbed a bit after the stop and at the summit there was some road works. This was a dusty affair, but luckily, there wasn’t much traffic. After riding on the side road a bit, we decided to climb on the the fresh Tarmac and it was fun to take the entire lane on the highway.

The downhill was horrendous at 1% and felt like a bit of an uphill with the sudden headwinds. Dang. We rode till sunset and we weren’t lucky to find any more shops on this road. However, the high tension power transmission towers were near the road and every 300m or so, a path would lead into the towers (I suppose for maintenance crew access). We chose one and camped there. I even put my hammock on the tower, heh. There was a bit of vibration going thro the guy wires, but otherwise a perfect spot indeed!

Route: Loreto to + 93Km
Distance: 93 Km
Ascent: 2900 ft
Descent: 2500 ft
Expenses: $ 7.60
Comment: Hills sure does make one feel alive!

Track Notes