We woke up to a nice little sunrise here and made b’fast as the sun warmed up. We spotted Jean-Francois riding up the hill as we were having coffee and invited him to join us for a bit. He had decided to camp early and had a nice site, but the beach was prettier for sure, though a bit more risky riding in the dark.

We regrouped and headed out. The route was a bit hilly at first bit later settled down and hugged the coastline for about 10 km or so. The narrow gulf reminded me of the time I hung out in Lake Baikal. The scenery was similar, the railroad hugging the coast, steep slopes climbing on the side and a rugged outcrop on the far side. Top it up, the hills were barren except for tufts of grass and brush growth.

The Sea was calm and the Deep blues were stunning to look at. After a bit, the gulf ended and we had to climb inland a while. This was a nice hill and I enjoyed climbing. On the other side the valley was stunning with some huge hills and in the far end were mountain ranges that just grew up and over the ones in front. Was stunning views for sure.

We rode the flattish route for a while and stopped for a bit for b’fast. The first stop was a small shop, that wanted to setup a restaurant later in the year. The fellers were training making tortillas and gave us a bit to nibble on. At the second stop i decided to get a meal and had a lovely Heuvos Rancheros. Was a solid feed for the day. We rode on enjoying the views until we stopped at a military post. These guys were more liberal and searched all of our bags.

The last climb of the day was pretty warm and it was a bit of a work. The descent into Loreto was marred by some ungainly up slopes which made the downhill a bit of a hard work too.

At Loreto, we planned to stay at one of Gabino’s contacts and we made out way to Sandra’s house. She was an absolute sweet lady and made us feel at home and warned us of the issue with Dengue around here. Guess more care with Mozzies for the next few days. It was nice to have a shower after, not sure how many days now. Dang I feel cleansed!

Route: Playa in Bahia Conception to Loreto
Distance: 94 Km
Ascent: 2850 ft
Descent: 2800 ft
Expenses: $ 16.00
Comment: Looks like Loreto might be the first rest day!

Track Notes