The mosquitoes were an absolute killer in the night and I fought them till I couldn’t stand it any longer and got into my sleeping bag even though it was warm.

I was up at 5 in the morning and walked out to get some fresh air and make a cup of coffee too. All of us were up soon and we waited till 8 AM for the super market to open before heading out. I got s couple of bananas and some water and started on the climb.

These days I am not climbing too fast, a combination of lack of rest days and too many days in flats I reckon. The climb started gently and was up for the first 40 km or so. But the elevation gain wasn’t too much and it was just slow going. The last 5 km or so was steeper, but still a manageable 7-8%. There was no wind in the morning session and it was hot work. We stopped off at a small store along the way and I picked a packet of dates for 1$. And they were awesome.

Once we got to the summit though, the wind picked up ad this time, once again from the wrong direction. All these days we’ve had SW winds and now that we are heading NE, the winds were from NE, obviously. And they were gusting really hard. The first section of downhill was pretty intense, we dropped down almost 800 ft in a matter of 3 km or so. And the wind was pretty crazy whenever the road twisted. It was such strong when it was in the head that I had to work on the bike to keep moving.

The route was a bit rolling for a while and we then spotted Mar De Cortez in the distance. Dani pointed to a sign and translated it as “Slope from hell”. Dang that was going to be intense.

The wind was still strong and the ultra steep downhill was not easy to manoeuvre. The view was stunning though and I slowed myself, just to enjoy the views instead of bombing down the hill (which was not easy with the wind anyway). We got to the end of the road which was literally on the beach of the Sea of Cortez. The route took a south turn which meant a crazy tailwind. It was awesome, but absolutely dusty.

We rode into the small town and we walked up to the fire station where we were allowed to stay between the trucks. Heh, pictures would come tomorrow. The Bomberos were cool chaps and we chatted a while and hung out. We headed into the cafe with wifi and I ate a huge feast, 4 egg omelette with tortillas. I was bursting at the seams, but I need the energy I reckon!

It was an intense day, but thoroughly enjoyable too.

Route: San Ignacio to Santa Rosalia
Distance: 74 Km
Ascent: 2300 ft
Descent: 2600 ft
Expenses: $ 20.90
Comment: Tonight I sleep in the fire station, between two Trucks. Viva Bomberos

Track Notes