It was funny sleeping in the park, the kids were playing in the evening and some of the young couples decided to make it a place to chat in privacy till the wee hours of the morning. But a nice spot none the less. The police station was also a prison and when I walked around, a toothless guy peeked thro the ventilator and asked me for ‘cigaro’. Heh, safest place to be in town is next to a prison. Criminals don’t want to be near one 🙂

In the morning, Jean-Francois spotted a flat in his tires and spent a while fixing it. As it would turn out, he’d be plagued with the bad tube all day long. We packed up after he fixed his flat and headed to the supermarket to get some supplies for the road. JF had to replace his tube again as he didn’t spot a second puncture. Bummer. Anyhow, it was going to be a short day and we headed for b’fast at the wifi cafe we were at yesterday. After a good feed, we headed on the road.

It was a long flat road for the first 40 km and he scenery was pretty blah, like yesterday. There was not even a bit of shade or turnoff to stop at along the way and after 50 k’s or so we found a cafe with a gazebo. It was closed, but we decided to take a bit of rest there.

The last 25 km or so was bit of a rolling hills and gradually climbing. We passed a few canyons and the road was like Nor Cal. Steep descent and an equally steep, nearing 10% ascent. After few days of flats, my legs didn’t feel like climbing. It was a bit of a workout for sure. The views were nice though as I spotted some of the hills I’d have to climb tomorrow before getting to mare de Cortez. It was a bit of a descent into the town of San Ignacio.

Turned out that this valley was pretty stuffed with trees. Mostly Palm, but still treed. It’s been a while since I have seen trees and it was nice to see some. Also figured I am more of a forest-boy after all… Gabino & Lupita, our host at San Quentin had given us a list of places to stay at along the way and we were supposed to look for a shop who would let us stay. Dani was pretty nice and hunted the place down, which was pretty closely rebate, the shop owner pointed us to a camper van and told us we could stay there! Score!

We decided to check the town out and rode in. This place was amazing in the middle of the desert. There is a flowing river and numerous tropical trees and many palm plantations. Like a bit of an oasis. There was also a mission, which is usually a church and a community around it. This was a building from the 18th century and a pretty spot. The town was pretty cute too. We had dinner and headed back to the camper to get some rest. The camper was cozy for the 3 of us and I was assigned the upper bunk which has about 6″ room above my nose when I lie down. But still it’s a roof and a place to stay!

Route: Vizcaino to San Ignacio
Distance: 79 Km
Ascent: 1250 ft
Descent: 1100 ft
Expenses: $ 20.50
Comment: Checking out a camper after a long while. Since Canada!

Track Notes