It was a funny spot we chose. There was some sort of a shed in the far distance that had a big bright light pointed at us throughout the night and shutdown just before dawn. Must have been some surveillance.The wind was funny, it died out about midnight and picked up in the morning from SE. That meand we were going to get headwinds. It’s a cyclist’s curse I think.

I was up since 2 AM or so and watched the full moon slowly sink over the horizon and the sun come up from behind. We packed up and I waited for Jean-Francois to pack and we left the camp site at 7 AM or so. We were hunting for b’fast, but realised that most places open only after 8 AM. So we put in some distance on the highway 1 and eventually stopped at a small cafe for grub. The food was good, but a bit pricy I reckon. I still need to get the pulse of the pricing here.

After the stop, the highway 1 swooped under the highway 1D (which seemed oddly empty) and started to climb a hill. This was a long one and the heat wasn’t helping matters. At one point I checked, it was pushing 40C. Dang. Add to it the traffic condition. Let me explain the traffic a bit.

The road is a dual carriage way, but with reasonably wide lanes. There is no shoulder and no pavement either. After the tarmac ends, there is usually a 6 inch drop if you are lucky or uneven gravel ditch that might be a couple of feet or more deep. The traffic comes in waves. Someone rides at the speed limit (or some speed that everyone else is not) and they bunch up a nice train of vehicles. These include buses and trucks too. The same happens in the opposite direction. This means that once in a while, you will have traffic zooming past you (the fellers behind don’t notice you until they are at your tail and swerve out in the last few meters (some of them slowdown, which is nice). This is the good bit. There is more fun when there is a train of vehicles on the opposite side too. This is when the fellers try to squeeze past. 2 buses + 1 cycle on a 2 lane road is a bit of an unnerving ride.

But you know what, I stick to my line, hold my nerve and try to keep straight. There were a couple of close calls today, but we survived. A farm truck with a couple of cows in the trailer jammed his break right in front of me to avoid hitting Jean-Francois. The trailer swerved into the oncoming traffic, the cow went upside down in the trailer, but luckily nothing else happened and everyone kept riding on.

After climbing the hill for what seemed to be the longest time, the descent was pretty sweet. Also unnerving. We met a couple of cops who warned us of the traffic (duh). As it turns out the other freeway is damaged and more traffic is riding this one. Ah well.

We eventually reached the town of Ensenada and stopped for a refill of water and some dinner. We tried to talk a bit (which seems impossible, but we still try) and decide on a place to stay for the night. We decided to find a hostel, which was nearby and ended up there. A good shower and wash was essential after the hot and dusty rides.

Route: Rosarito (wild camp) to Ensenada
Distance: 77 Km
Ascent: 2500 ft
Descent: 2700 ft
Expenses: $ 49.40
Comment: I can only hope the weather gets milder as the winter sets

Track Notes