Not the horses, but the muscle car that Ford makes. I have a feeling I have seen every Mustang that has ever come out of the factory floor. Dang! It seems like everyone has drunk the Ford Koolaid and are driving one of those. And funnily enough, every car has a couple with a guy driving, the top off (the car roof I mean) and they look like they are going to a funeral. Weird how they seem to be stuck within their own world. Many of the other cars are the same too, but I did get some feedback and smiles from the non-mustangs.

My day started the same, but I was feeling a bit under the weather with a inflamed throat. I guess an onset of flu, wonder where I picked it from. But the legs and body feel fine and I decided to plod on. We started with the big climb of S California. Everyone was talking about the climb up to Big Sur and we started the climb right of the bat. But it was a gentle climb and not that high either. There are bigger climbs in N.Cal and Oregon and I am sure inland too. Ah well. Once we started to descend we hit the ocean views and I should say it was stunning.

The coast is really rugged, I wonder why someone would have come here and said, alright, I am going to make a house on top of those rocks. Dang, there are few trees in sight and the cliffs were steep as. All day long, I was riding along the cliffs at 600 ft or so above the sea and the drop was pretty much straight down. I was nervous in the descents along the rolling hills and had to slow down a bit.

The day was super warm and after a couple of hours, I was starting to lose steam a bit. Breathing has been a bit hard, but I rode on. We Planned to stop at one of the earlier campsites, but as it turned out there was no water and we had to ride up another 10 km to get to another site. Hard work when you are mentally switched off. I guess I might do a days rest or a short day and give the body time to recover.

And, I suppose I wouldn’t mind if I never caught sight of a mustang again. Ever.

Route: Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground to Plaskett Creek Campground
Distance: 50.5 Km
Ascent: 2450 ft
Descent: 2900 ft
Expenses: $ 25.31
Comment: The mustang’s are getting on my nerves

Track Notes