I was happy to be back on the hammock today and slept like a baby. Though the night was long: From 7 pm till 7 am. Ouch.

We got on the road at 8:30 and rode into Monterey along the bike path. Sweet. It was pretty easy riding and we stopped at a supermarket for some resupply. I picked up a sandwich for lunch and we took Bart’s advice and decided to take the 17 mile look along the Monterey Peninsula.

This, as one might know is where Steinbeck set a bunch of his novels in and given his popularity, I was expecting some references. But seems to me like the entire town is being sold on Steinbeck’s reputation. Everywhere I turn, there are paintings based on characters from his novels and the streets are steinbeck this, the museum is steinbeck that, etc… We rode thro Cannery row which is so far removed from what he describes in his books, of course, he wrote in the 30’s. Anyway is was fun riding thro.

The beach side route was sweet as. The views were stunning and it was awesome to see the swells in the ocean. I guess I am getting into surf country soonish. The route meandered up and down and we stopped a bit for lunch and a bit of coffee before we got on to the highway.

It was somehow a bit of a relief for me to leave the urban areas and head out into the long highways again. The route today was stunning. It was mostly rolling hills along the beach and the views were jaw dropping. There were no trees though and it was a bit of a work in the heat. There were a couple of tiny bumps of 800 ft or so, but they were gentle and easy to ride up.

We eventually descended inland and stopped at the first state park. Bummer that they didn’t have a camp site and We had to ride another 5 km or so to the pfeiffer big sur campsite. This was a pretty spot but with over enthusiastic rangers. It was funny with them telling us, “Sir, please stand to the side” etc.. Ah well. A lovely day of riding for sure though.

Route: Marina Dunes Campground to Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground
Distance: 91 Km
Ascent: 3050 ft
Descent: 2650 ft
Expenses: $ 36.50
Comment: This was a pretty coast

Track Notes