It was a lovely evening at Bart’s and I slept pretty soundly too. It is easy to be addicted to be staying at homes, almost a week since I camped out proper heh.

In the morning, Bart made pancakes, his philosophy was that no one leaves his home hungry and we were stuffed to the brim with great food and we started the day early. We had a bit of a discussion on where to stay today and we figured we’d take a look at the campground at Marina before heading into Monterey.

The thing was that the Monterey Veteran’s park was supposed to be opened up to homeless people to stay in and though we do not have an issue, we figured it might be a good idea to stay be in a slightly more secure environment. so the first stop was to be Marina.

We rode up the urban path from bart’s and it was pretty flat along the way with small bumps. This seemed like a fairly popular bike route and there were many day riders and we were passed by a couple of tourers who were doing a bigger day to Big Sur. Once we got to the other side of the highway, the landscape changed dramatically to farmlands. These were large scale farms with miles and miles of veggies and berries. Strawberries, Brussels Sprouts, Artichokes, cauliflower, lettuce and a variety of other stuff. There were a lots of people working the farms and the roads were caked with mud from trucks riding in and out of these.

The Salinas valley is supposedly called the Salad bowl of america due to all the vegetable farms and we are just at the periphery by the coast. I hear hundreds of thousands of acres of farm lands lead inland! The route was blah, but nice to ride thro though.

We got to a small market with absolutely cheap vegetables, I reckon they are the not so pristine veggies that the supermarkets reject. But we got good deals though, pepper at 3 for 1$ and avacados at 5 for 1$ is the best prices I have seen.

After the short stop, we got on to a bike path and soon reached the town of Marina. The campsite was not easy to spot and we rode around until we found it. It was nor too far from the ocean and a bit pricy. I thought it would be a pretty low cost day, but the campsite brought the expenses to average.duh. But with free wifi and nice shower and a quiet spot to stay, we figure we’d call it a day. And it was barely noon, heh. Well tomorrow will be a slightly bigger day to Big Sur and I ain’t complaining.

Route: Aptos (Santa Cruz) to Marina dunes campground
Distance: 51 Km
Ascent: 1100 ft
Descent: 1100 ft
Expenses: $ 23.31
Comment: Nice ride, flattish along the Salad bowl

Track Notes