We had to move our ass at some point and with the past few days of rest, the body was ready to go, but the lovely time we spent with Lupe made it harder to leave. Ah well, as travellers, we have to keep on moving and we told Lupe we’d want to leave this morning.

She was sweet and gave me some herbal medication to be used in case of stomach bug in Central America as I woke up. And fixed us a lovely b’fast as she has been doing ever day. Yummy! I am going to suffer heading out for the next few days with making my instant oatmeals. Dang.

We packed up and headed out and Lucy was up by then and both of them bid us farewell and we hit the road before the sun was too warm.

South of Mission was a bit of a hilly terrain and I had kind of scouted a bike path around the marshlands of the bay and we headed northward to get to the coast. It was a bit harrowing finding the route as the GPS wanted me to go south all the time and eventually we hit the coastal road which was essentially industrial with not particularly good roads wither. We looped around until I couldnt find any roads left and the only option was a hill climb. So much for taking a big 10 km detour to skip one hill.

It would turn out to be a killer grade at somepoints pushing 16% or more and though it was short, it was intense. I guess we weren’t allowed to leave town without doing one of the climbs bummer.

We rode down and found flatter roads around the airport and eventually hit the railroad which would lead us all the way to Stanford.

We stopped at a subway for a quick lunch and I found out that there was a bike path for us to take. We rode towards the marshland and as we were riding the separated bike path, we met a couple who were also regular tourers and knew the routes very well. The guided us thro the bike path and some parts of urban routes all the way till palo alto. That was flat and lovely except for the heat.

Once in Town, we had some time to kill so we ended up eating an ice cream and headed to a starbucks near our Host’s house to spend the time till our appointed time to show up.

Nice to start the tour in the flat, except for on big darn hill on the way.

Route: San Francisco to Palo Alto (Stanford)
Distance: 76.5 Km
Ascent: 1000 ft
Descent: 1000 ft
Expenses: $ 17.50
Comment: Hot hot day to ride, but nice route along the Marsh lands

Track Notes