When I woke up this morning, it was freezing again (feels like desert weather with hot days and cold nights). I was feeling like getting a decent b’fast and since town was just 5 miles south, I figured I could go to a b’fast joint.

Myself and Joe left camp first and we tried to find a place with wifi. We found one close to the supermarket and I decided to stock up on a B’fast Burrito. The service was super slow, but I managed to leech on the wifi and finish up some work though.

We rode up to the safeway where Krissi was waiting and we resupplied before getting on the road. The sun was warm again and the road was pretty narrow without shoulders. made for an interesting early part of the ride. The fun began once we hit the cliffs. The views were stunning with many houses built on cliff tops and the roads winding pretty close to the edge of the cliffs. It was a stunning day of riding for sure.

What was annoying was the road design, every few km or so, the road would snake down to sea level and climb at crazy grades all the way up to the cliff tops. Dang.

The descents were so much fun for sure, with sweeping corners, but the climbs were hard as. One of the climbs reminded me of being back in Duffey lake Road at 15% grades. Dang.

The sun was not too warm after lunch, seems like some kind of fog was climbing up from the ocean and it got a bit chilly in the shade. We met another cyclist, Kate, riding down to SFO and we hung out for a bit before riding on.

On the last bit of the ride, I was enjoying the flat roads, when I spotted a cougar at a distance. Awesome, its usually hard to find these guys and I was glad to see this beautiful animal. I was trying to get a picture when a car sped part and scared him away. bummer. But It was nice to do some wildlife spotting.

We got to the camp site in the early evening and hung out in the sun. Another hot tub beckons. It was a KOA, but pretty sweet deal at 10$

Route: Mackerricher State Park to Manchester State Park KOA
Distance: 69.5 Km
Ascent: 3050 ft
Descent: 2800 ft
Expenses: $ 39.38
Comment: Wildlife spotting was fun!

Track Notes