Yesterday evening I spent a while talking to the kids about Singapore, India and Asia. It was part of a impromptu geography / cultural lesson set up by their mum and it was nice to talk to curious kids. Here is their family blog ( ). I did my blog later in the evening and hit the sack at 9ish. I was trying to experiment sleeping on the hammock without the sleeping pad. The one time I tried before, I had pretty cold ass and I thought it might be alright tonight, given it is warm out.

As it turned out, my gear storage setup was friendly with the sleeping pad, but was a bit of a pain to manage without. I guess I need to figure something out for that. The sleep was good though and I didn’t get too cold in the bottom, so may be 10C is probably a good point to whip out the mat. My feet got a bit chilly in the morning though, might mean I’d sleep with socks on, heh.

I was up at 7 and the family was carrying a wifi hotspot which I leeched on for a bit and uploaded all the posts, while multitasking with b’fast and packing. By the time I was ready to leave it was 9 am and I headed to the store which had the day old brownies at half price! Awesome. I picked up 2 for the road and we started towards Leggett. Leggett was the biggest hill to pass along the route and though we were starting at 500 or so ft up, we still had a good 1300 or so feet to climb.

The climb was gentle at 6-8% and I kept a decent pass. Joe and krissi were flying up front and I didn’t have the legs to match them today. I enjoyed the climb and the descent was pretty sweet. Sweeping wide turns and some nice long straights too.

What I didn’t expect was the next hill. This was smaller, but meaner. Some of the corners cloaked at 12%. Ouch. it was a bit of a struggle and I stopped to eat a bit of the brownie and half a banana as we hit the coast after the hills. It was nice to see the pacific again, but the coastal road looked pretty treeless and we were in for a warm afternoon again. The views were stunning along the coast, with cliffs dropping to the ocean and the road sweeping around some tight corners.

However, the ride was pretty hard. The sun was up with its heat and every time the road jumped from one hill to another, We’d have to ride pretty much down to the sea and climb right up the cliff. each climb was clocking at 10-12% and I was wearing out. At one point it was cute with a firetruck following me and the firemen decided to give me some morel support with their loud speakers. heh.

I met a few more cyclists along the road and eventually made it to the campsite by 2pm or so. It was still warm out and I managed to get my laundry done and hung it to dry in the heat. Nice. Looks like the rest of the coastal route is going to be a bit of an up and down affair like today. I guess I’d have to get used to this rolling hills soon, or suffer.

Route: Rock Creek Campground (Hickey State park) to MacKerricher State Park
Distance: 67.5 Km
Ascent: 3350 ft
Descent: 4000 ft
Expenses: $ 15.63
Comment: The California Coast is just up and down…

Track Notes