We had a few options to ride to this morning and after a bit of thought we figured we could do a decent sized day and head to a private campground instead of hanging about in the middle.

As we started from the campsite, we spotted a few elk on the road and one of the big bulls decided to cross the road pretty close to me. I was video’ing the guy and was probably too close for comfort I reckon. He eventually crossed the road and we went on our way. The route initially went on to the 101 which was a bit of a bummer, a large 4 lane expressway. The route veered off into a state park after that for a bit though.

I stopped at a cafe in a small town called Orick, which was not really much of a town. But they had Wifi and that’s all I needed. We met one of the bikers, Andrew, an Aussie, at the cafe and we decided to sync up at the camp site later in the evening. We also met an american guy who had a cat in his trailer, but he wasn’t going far.

We rode along the state park which led to another small town called Trinidad which was fancier. I got some veggies for dinner and then we headed up the backroads again up and down a hill along the beach. It was pretty and we even spotted some seals barking off in the rocks.

I was hungry and finished up some of the leftover bread I had and we headed on. We came up a pretty bare bones county campsite, and decided to push on to the private one. There was a nice bit of bike path that bypassed the big town and we ended up at a small university town. This was nice too, but we already were pushing 3 pm and decided to got to camp before 4 ish. The route lead to a bit of highway and turned off into the pretty fancy KOA campground.

It was a pricey one, compared to the state parks, but it was pretty fully equipped with some kind of disc-golf course and a hot-tub which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was nice to soak on hot water after the longish ride and I think one every evening would be fantastic. Ah well. We had a bunch of other cyclists arriving after a bit and I suppose this must be a pretty popular one along the route.

Route: Elk Praire Campground to Eureka KOA Campground
Distance: 76.5 Km
Ascent: 2100 ft
Descent: 1950 ft
Expenses: 32.5 $
Comment: The fabled tailwinds are nowhere to be seen…

Track Notes