Yesterday night it rained. It rained like a bleeding Mofo. According to estimates on the street it was 4 inches (of rain I mean). And it blew wind gusts in excess of I-Dont-Know-What. I was sleeping in the gazebo and when I woke up in the night I was in the middle of a little pond. I looked around and Joe was an island by himself. I almost thought of moving into the laundry room, but didn’t know hoe to safely transport the sleeping bag and myself without getting soaked to the bone. I ended up sleeping in the same spot. The good thing was that the inside of the sleeping bag was super cozy and I could still sleep.

We woke up to a bit of a drizzle but the winds seemed to have stopped and I was thinking if the forecast was for rain, I’d rather stay here in the shelter rather than brave the craziness. Krissi sent word that she’d want a restday too and we decided to stay put. The forecast was for more showers today and for some calm from the storm on Thursday with the weather getting fantastic over the weekend.

That settled, Myself and joe figured we’d walk into town and see what’s in store. The place is a summer tourist spot with lots of fishing and beach activities and nothing much happening at this time. We managed to find a nice b’fast nook. The lady was super cool and laughing all the time and singing and whistling. It was fun and the food was good too.

In the outdoor store I found an opinel knife for chopping veggies. These are pretty well made and super cheap knives. I like.

Later as we headed back to the camp, our camp host told us that the creek nearby had salmon running. He thought the heavy rains kind of kicked them up to swim upstream. We walked up to check them out and they were fun to watch. I thought it would be nice to set up a betting booth to see who can predict the outcome, heh.

Anyway, till late afternoon the rain didn’t show up, nor did the wind. I suppose though it was a weather break, I think my legs are happy I am taking it.

Route: –
Distance: 0 km (Yay!)
Ascent: 0
Descent: 0
Expenses: 52.88
Comment: Zero Day on account of Weather

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