I woke up to some strong winds and drizzle. It had been raining on and off all night, but the hammock stayed solid and dry, am pretty pleased with the setup really and I also figured a reasonable storage for the important stuff too.

We had shared the camp site to another guy who was looking for trees to hang his hammock and he was pretty cool and shared a lot of hi b’fast with us. He was driving and I didn’t feel too bad mooching food off of him, heh.

We waited for a lull in the weather but it seemed like the rain was here to stay and we had to get going at 9:30. The winds were very very strong with gusts upto 50 kmph and with the rain hitting hard, it was a workout to even get up to the highway. Krissi seemed to have gotten her legs back and was braving the wind like a champ and I was slogging behind at times coming to a standstill trying to work against the winds.

All day long we had winds at 30 kmph with gusts at 50 kmph and it was real work to keep moving and trying to keep the body warm. After an hour or so, we saw Joy riding towards us, he decided to ride back instead of going ahead to keep the group together, cool chap.

The wind dis split us apart and we were all working separately. About noon, we reached a tourist stop and decided to get some fresh veggies and warm up at a coffee shop. The coffee shop gave us free coffee!! The barista said someone in the morning started the trend of paying for the next few customers and many people have been doing that too! awesome. I just loaded up on caffeine and ate a nice muffin too. Krissi had to get going early as she had a friend down the road with whom she was staying the nigt. Myself and joe waited a while for the rain to pause and hit the road too.

We decided to bank in a few additional k’s today so that we could do a short dday tomorrow and catch up with Krissi at another campground. The winds kept at it and we slogged ur way slowly. Luckily the rain kind of stopped in the afternoon, which was a bit better. The views today were stunning and given we were riding slow, we stopped a few times and soaked it in.

as we neared the campground at Gold beach the rain picked up again and we had to put our head down to get to shelter. The campsite was a RV site, which was a bummer, but had a few gazebos where the holt let us stay for the night, which was awesome. Given the rain lashing on us, I couldn’t think of a better spot than this other than getting to a motel. The place had lights and wifi and laundry and hot showers. Pretty close to being perfect under the conditions.

I made a quick dinner, had a shower and lay on the floor in the sheltered gazebo for a decent nights sleep. The winds really took a toll on me today I reckon. Luckily tomorrow will be a 50 km day and a little lull in the rain should see us thro.

Route: Boice-Cope county park to Gold Beach
Distance: 69 km
Ascent: 2050
Descent: 2300
Expenses: 23.75
Comment: Rain’s Here and in bucket loads

Track Notes