The night was a bit breezy, but without any rain. I had used my sleeping pad inside the hammock and that seems to have kept my bottom from getting too cold. Though given that as I lay down the hammock tended to sag, all the loose stuff moved towards my arse. I guess I will have to hook things up properly the next time. The sleep was good and I tossed around a bit. But as far as hammock as a fair weather sleeping solution goes, I think I am happy with it.

After the gorgeous sunset yesterday, I came back and slept through. I was up at 6ish and started packing up at 7. The packing time was a little longer than usual because I have not settled the hammock routine yet. Made a coffee and oatmeal and headed out at 8:30.

The route out was on the 101 which was a bit of a hassle with all the traffic. I suppose they have done a good job of having wide shoulders along most of the road, but bits were narrow and the big trucks didn’t help much. as we rode along, after 10 miles, one of Krissi’s earlier riding buddies, Joe was heading towards us. He had decided to back track a bit so we could ride together. Nice. We rode along and stopped at some of the numerous view points to look at the gorgeous Pacific. At one place, we hung out a bit and spotted a whale too! whoop whoop.

Our next stop was a well known bike shop in Newport. They were known for having a super bike tourist friendly shop with showers and occasional camping too. We had to check it out and the guys there were exceptional and super friendly. I snagged one of their shop stickers for my collection on the computer. Well worth advertising for. While there, I managed to get a set of used silver shifters (a replacement for my bar ends). A few weeks back, some plastic bits on my shifters broke off. They still work ok and bike shops in Pdx said it was fine. I had taped it and it is working alright. But I figured at 25$ for a super sweet shifters was well worth the price and a old backup to have.

We decided to make a lunch stop at Newport and found a good cafe for a bean burrito and coffee (free refills!). I tried o get my internet work done while in wifi zone and after a long break (1.5 hrs or so) we got back on the road again. The only hill for the day was before Newport and later on it was pretty flat with strong tailwinds. The best a cyclist can hope for. The 101 was generally boring, but once in a while it would open up to some nice ocean views. We met a couple of other cyclists and invited them to join us at the campsite. Guess they decided to wild camp tonight.

We got to the beachside state park slightly after 4 and found a sweet cozy nook to camp in. Once again, at 6$ with great showers, I am enjoying the camping here! Here’s to day 2 of hammocking…

Route: Lincoln City to Beachside State Park
Distance: 77
Ascent: 2000
Descent: 2050
Expenses: 20$
Comment: Hammock worked good. Good start to the experiments.

Track Notes