We planned another early morning and I was up at 6:30. But we hit the road at 8 (our normal time I reckon). It was chilly and the few small hill climbs were nice to keep the body warm. The sun was up, but being in the valley, we weren’t getting much heat.

The roads heading South (Route 95) was narrow with decent shoulder, but I felt the traffic was a bit hectic whenever it showed up. We talked about how impatient the drivers were and wondered if they were all rushing to the border. To corroborate our views, we spotted 5 dead animals along the way. A freshly killed Deer, an Owl (beautiful specimen), a coyote (might be thro the night), an unknown beast (we found only skeletal remains) and a skunk. I guess this is the most number of dead animals I have seen in a single stretch of highway dang.

I got peckish and We stopped to eat the 2nd b’fast at a rest area. It was pretty with big trees and was less than 10 km from the junction to Highway 3.

When we reached the junction, it was time to part ways with Krissi, She’s heading back to Vancouver and I am heading south into Idaho. I have a deadline to get to Pdx in a couple of weeks and eventually our paths have to diverge. It’s been fun riding with Krissi, as a duo and with Krijn as a Trio, but all associations eventually do end and what we take away are fond memories and good wishes.

And then there was One. I had a 10 km or so to the border crossing and the road was gently sloping downhill. Nice. I rode out without much effort and got to the border. Oh, I also crossed the Time line and grew 1 hour younger in the process.

The border crossing was painless and the friendly officers just enquired about my trip and the usual stuff they have to ask about. It was pretty hot by the time I was done and it was still 11 AM. I figured I could ride my way slowly to the town of Bonners Ferry, where I had (hopefully) a warm showers. The road became narrower in the US Side and the shoulder pretty much disappeared. Dang. With the weekend RV’s and trucks zooming past, it was becoming a bit of a nightmare. I had noticed a small road (Moyie River Road) which I supposed would be a quieter one, but to be honest, I didn’t spot it at all.

I saw a few cafes along the way, but all of them seemed out of business. Luckily one of them was open (it was a gas station) and they had food too! Excellent! And I wasn’t disappointed either. I had a nice sized Pizza for 11$ and they had expired Pepsi for 25c each! Score! Better still, they even had Wifi!

As I asked around, I realized I have ridden past my backroad and I would have to backtrack 5 miles (8km). I usually don’t like to back track, but this shoulder’less highway was not good looking either. I had got a note from my host in Bonner’s ferry and they were occupied tonight. So I guess there was no hurry getting there either. I looked for campsites and there was one 8 miles (14 km south) with a stiff 10% climb for the last 2 km on gravel. Ouch! But it was free (no wonder). The other option being, I back track a couple of km North and stay at a paid campground (8$). I guess after going thro ridiculous camping charges in Canada, I seem a bit immune to the price and decided to go for the 8$ site. I guess it is also fine that tomorrow morning, I would just have to back track 5 km to head to the back road and avoid this highway. Ah well.

I am happy with the large pizza (been dreaming of one for the past few days) and a nice spot to kick back and relax tonight! Nothing better!

Route: Moyie Lake Provincial Park to Robinson Lake Campground (Idaho)
Distance: 80 Km
Time in saddle: hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 32.5
Comments: Back in reasonably priced USA. Awesome!

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